About Us

What we do:

The team at LFH Marketing are focused on connecting content online and in real time to brand and position your business to enable business growth.

Put simply, LFH Marketing is the conduit between your message being a thought to becoming a campaign online and in real time.

LFH Marketing also provides a range of other marketing services such as business development (vital for success) and creative marketing campaigns to give your business the WOW factor.

Marketing can be a nightmare.

It can be hit and miss costing you time (and money) away from your core focus (YOUR BUSINESS) to develop.

While you are working IN your business doing what you do best we partner with you to do what we do best and that’s creating amazing marketing campaigns for you. 

Services we provide:

 Website design and hosting (we develop a website that tells your story and creates the want and need for your prospects to take action and do business with you)

– SMM (social media marketing)
 Influencer Marketing (driving the message to your core clients: new and old)
– SEO (search engine optimisation so you are found easily online)
– Graphic Design (we give your look and feel that match campaigns)
– Video Production (tell your story with dynamic branded videos)

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Why engage LFH Marketing?

Just like you are an expert in your chosen field, Lewis and his team are experts in helping businesses grow and maintain their market share.

Lewis and his team understand the importance of MARKETING to ensure you get SALES from your BRANDING and CAMPAIGNS.

Lastly, remember, without MARKETING you do not have SALES.

Our mission is clear:  we are here to develop MARKETING campaigns for your business growth.



Who is behind LFH Marketing?

Lewis Freeman Harrison resides in Central Victoria and is focused on ensuring business of any size is a success.

Focused on working to develop a tailor made campaign for every client (because everyone has different needs), Lewis ensures that a personalised, unique and dedicated service is delivered.

Lewis is not a “one hat fits all” and thinks outside the square all the time which enables clients to have peace of mind that they are going to receive the best!